Foreign object or chemical product in an eye

To remove a foreign object (grain of sand, small insect, blade of grass, eyelash, etc.), gently rinse the eye under a slow stream of warm water at the faucet.

If your child got splashed in the eye with a product that can cause burns (household cleaning product, pool chlorine, etc.), rinse the eye immediately. Rinse for a long time, from 15 to 30 minutes. Exact rinsing time depends on the product that caused the burn. Start rinsing immediately and don’t stop until you have contacted Québec Poison Control Centre at 1-800-463-5060. They will instruct you how to proceed. You should see a doctor afterward.

If your child is too young to cooperate while you rinse her eye under the tap, place her on her back, keep her eye open, and pour water right into her eye with a cup.

If you see a foreign object in the inside corner of her eye, try to remove it with the corner of a wet tissue. If you cannot remove the foreign object, the eye continues to tear, or your child’s condition does not improve

  • Don’t insist
  • Keep your child from rubbing her eye and apply a cold wet washcloth to the eye to relieve the pain
  • See a doctor or optometrist right away