Holding your newborn

Essential information to rememberHolding your baby in your arms is one way to spend some quality time with him.

Photo: Dominic Morand


Information that gives comfort, confidenceDon’t worry, your baby is less fragile than he looks. He just needs to be handled gently and lovingly.

Until your baby is about 3 months old, his neck muscles are not strong enough for him to hold up his head by himself. It’s important to always support his head and back when you pick him up. That way you prevent his head from wobbling and causing injury.

You may choose to swaddle your newborn in a blanket when you hold him, because some babies like to feel bundled up. However, make sure that he’s not too hot.

Nowadays, people agree that you won’t “spoil” a child by giving him the comfort and love he needs. On the contrary! Carrying and hugging your baby stimulates him and helps him develop. So hold your baby in your arms as often as possible, when he cries or is not feeling well, or just to give him a cuddle.

Babies like to be carried and rocked. It probably reminds them of the movements they felt in the womb. Carrying your baby in a baby carrier or rocking him in your arms is a wonderful way to spend some quality time with him. These intimate moments help your baby develop a feeling of confidence, which is so essential for his emotional well-being.