Oral and dental injuries

Tongue or lip bites

Gently clean off the blood with a clean, dry cloth. To stop the bleeding, apply direct pressure to the wound. Apply a very cold wet washcloth to keep swelling down.

If the wound looks deep or if it continues to bleed profusely, see a health professional right away. He or she will determine if stitches are needed.

Knocked out baby tooth

Don’t put the tooth back into the gum. Keep it so a dentist can take a look at it.

Apply light pressure to the wound with a clean cloth. See a dentist.

Broken or displaced tooth

See a dentist as soon as possible.

Blow to a tooth

After a blow or a fall, if a tooth seems to have been pushed into the gums or if the lips and gums are bleeding profusely, see a dentist or doctor as soon as possible. If a tooth turns greyish a few months after the accident, see your dentist.